Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: Sustainability Toolkit across Baltic Sea Region (StratKIT)

The overall aim of StratKIT is to make procurement of public catering services more sustainable in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Therefore, it aims at
• identifying solutions to the challenges of sustainable public procurement
and catering services across BSR;
• developing and implementing regional strategies;
• inspiring and motivating procurers and caterers to use their opportunities. 13 project partners and 10 associated partners from public administrations, catering services, research and consulting work on these aims. Discussions, exchange and innovation take place in round tables and workshops open to further stakeholders.

Main project outputs
• Connecting procurers and caterers into networks at national and BSR level for knowledge exchange and sustainable solutiondevelopment.
• StratKIT (online) sustainability toolkit, containing a sustainability analysis tool and guidance for procurers and caterers to enable sustainable change.
• StratKIT online knowledge platform to make knowledge and networks easily accessible and growing, even beyond the project duration.