Use this questionnaire to update your contact information or your dog's health status.

You may update only the things that have changed - the previously provided health information will not be altered. You can also update a dog's information via email (, but with this questionnaire the research group can handle the updates much more easily.

Filling this questionnaire carefully is important because finding any disease-causing gene mutations is possible only with precise health information of the dogs. It is also very important for us to know if your dog is completely healthy! Having the correct contact info for the owners is needed so that we can contact you if we need any further information of the dog, additional samples, etc.

In this questionnaire, we will first ask you to give your contact information and then some basic information of the dog and its health. More detailed questions will then appear according to the previous answers, which will make this questionnaire easier and faster to complete. For example, if your dog is completely healthy, there are only 4 pages to fill.

All information addressed to the research group will be kept confidential. We encourage the owners towards open communication and information sharing!

Thank you for participating in our research!
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